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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Global Agenda hack

Global Agenda hack

Global Agenda hack tool

Global Agenda is often a 3D MMO shooter with RPG elements. The game features four different classes for players to choose from and get straight on the action. Both PvE and PvP Missions can be found too as training and arena type areas. Players choose from the fairly wide choice of weapons and equipment for his or her class and can allocate skill points to raised fit their needs. Combat in Global Agenda is intense strategic and skillful. Players can pick from your following four classes Assault The assault class utilizes heavy weapons and explosives to deal tremendous damage on the battlefield. Assault may be the closest thing to your Tank in Global Agenda. They focus on miniguns and rocket launchers and also have skills allowing them to sustain large numbers of damage while their teammates assist.Medic Medics take part in the healing role in Global Agenda and are vital to some team s success for most missions. This class is has numerous what to heal and buff their group which range from healing guns to healing grenades. Medics may also be because of the ability to spread toxins to enemies and in addition possess a nice poison damage niche in Global Agenda.Robotics Turrets shields and gadgets make up the robotics arsenal. This class takes advantage of tactical equipment to carry their ground in combat. Robotics players can be extremely valuable in team combat since they provide priceless support to their allies. A well placed turret or some mobile cover can make each of the difference in the challenging encounter.Recon The recon class focuses on stealth tactics and ranged combat. Recon players hold the tools to advance around quickly and undetected whilst being very familiar with taking out enemies from afar. The recon plays an important role both in PvP objectives and PvE Missions providing quick disposal of dangerous threats.


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