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Monday, July 15, 2013

Perfect World hack tool

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Perfect World hack

Perfect World is really a 3D Fantasy MMORPG Set in a very gorgeously designed fantasy world. Create your character using the sport s innovative character creation system and explore this lush fantasy world. Perfect World has numerous playable races and a couple unique classes for every race to get a total of eight playable classes. The three races are Humans Winged Elves Untamed and Tideborn. With the sport s large selection of playable races and classes Perfect World is readily one with the most in-depth free to play MMORPGs available. The game s playable classes are Archer Archers are able to dealing physical damage for their opponents coming from a safe distance. They have extremely high accuracy and critical hit chance but low hit points and limited melee capabilities.Assassin Assassins are fragile but deadly. They focus on dealing large amounts of damage with their opponents as rapidly as possible. They involve some in the highest DPS (Damage per second) inside game and usage of powerful DoT attacks. Their weaknesses include very low hit points and weak physical defense.Barbarian Barbarians are powerful tanks that master absorbing damage. They are wonderful front line fighters and will transform into tigers to boost grow their movement speed. They have extremely high hit points high physical defense and powerful AOE skills. Their weaknesses include low accuracy and weak magical defense.Blademaster Blademasters are powerful melee characters with access to a wide selection of skills which makes them one of the most varied classes in Perfect World. They have numerous stun skills and powerful AOE attacks but low magic defense and limited single target damage output.Cleric Clerics have use of wide number of healing and supportive skills causing them to be extremely valuable in groups. They have powerful healing spells and access to some decent offensive magic nevertheless the are fairly weak in PvP and cannot deal just as much damage as some in the other classes.Psychic Psychics are an interesting utility class in Perfect World as his or her spells largely center around buffs defbuffs and hexes. They will have use of some offensive magic but cannot deal as much damage as wizards.Venomancer - Venomancers certainly are a unique kind of caster class with pet taming abilities. They have access to offensive poison spells and debuffs. They can be the very best soloing class inside the game because with their pets but like other casters they've got low hit points.Wizard - Wizards include the primary offensive spell casting class in Perfect World. They are effective at dealing the most damage inside game and have use of powerful AoE spells but have suprisingly low hitpoints and slow movement speed.Mystic A hybrid offensive and defensive magic user. Mystics have use of some powerful direct damage spells but additionally useful heal with time spells. They can summon pets to address along side themselves as well.Seeker A powerful melee oriented class which wields a sizable two handed blade. They have use of numerous nature spells and will cast some offensive magic.


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Perfect World hack download

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