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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Parsec hack no survey

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Parsec is often a free-to-play space-themed browser game, set in a very faraway galaxy within the year 8532. Following the tumultuous Great War of the Galaxies the universe has been left in a very complete state of anarchy, without any presiding government or police force to enforce the laws in the universe. Several planets have been contaminated with radiation, most of that are inhabited only by method of a few immensely strong survivors.

With your individual space ship, you cruise the universe looking for new territory and also other survivors. You must battle from the hordes of enemies that lurk between the stars and attempt to restore balance and order on the galaxy within the browser based game Parsec. Explore the area surrounding your parking space station so as to locate and mine for precious resources and raw materials. These resources might be found in trade along with other players, or construct new equipment. Be sure you maintain and protect your parking space station from enemy players trying to loot your valuable raw materials!

In the net game Parsec you might have the option of exploring the universe as a lone and brave fighter, or forming an effective guild with your friends to take on enemy pirates and reclaim enemy territory since your own. Destroy enemy space stations and make an endeavor to dominate the universe as you slay your opponents inside the browser based space game Parsec. Try to protect the galaxy from further anarchy and become a real hero from the future.


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