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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Turf Battles hack pack

Turf Battles hack tool

Turf Battles hack pack

Turf Battles is really a busy fantasy MMORPG having an focus on PvP combat. Players can literally attack the other openly anywhere inside the game world after reaching level 40. One thing to help keep planned though the action was originally released in 2003 and so the visuals won t be on par with newer games like Atlantica Online and Runes of Magic. Those looking to get a PvP game should quickly fall deeply for each other with Turf Battles as the entire game practically involves PvP. Players can form guilds and control entire regions with the game (called turfs) for themselves. The game s five playable classes are Human Blade Warrior Blade warriors include the most effective tanks in Turf Battles. They have extremely high defensive capabilities and much more hitpoints than most classes. Even though blade warriors are the top tanks inside the game additionally they pack a serious powerful punch in melee combat.Human Fist Warrior Fist warriors like blade warriors are primarily a melee oriented class. The only difference with shod and non-shod and blade warriors is the actual fact that fist warriors sacrifice some defensive capabilities for max damage which makes them essentially the most deadly melee class inside game.Human Red Mage Red mages will be the strongest offensive spell casting class in Turf Battles. They are able to dealing large numbers of damage making use of their fire spells coming from a distance but are incredibly weak in melee combat because they have low defense and hitpoints.Nephilim Archer Archers are the only real class in Turf Battles having a long range physical attack. They don t have as much armor being a blade warrior but much greater than a red mage. They include the most agile class inside the game and may actually attack their target while moving which makes them a tremendously tough opponent.Nephilim Blue Mage Blue mages play a whole lot like red mages with only a few distinct differences the principle one being blue mages have access to more supportive skills than their red mage counterparts. Like the red mage blue mages have suprisingly low hit points and defense but powerful magical attacks.


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STEP 4 - Hack the overall game and enjoy

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