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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Niche Of Lego Star War hack tool

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STAR WARS...This time hack allows you to definitely hack much of your skillssee the vidand download it.To downlaod hack tool follow the given instruction...This cheat will allow one to have as many studs when you want nonetheless it may be a challenging one to follow along with in case you do not know much about computers. It involves editing the save game.Most importantly produce a copy of one's save game before you try thisSave games might be found in your games installation directory under directories named lsw_0 lsw_1 etc. These correspond towards the save locations available within the game. There needs to be two files inside the directory CODE.BIN and LSW.BIN.CODE.BIN is just 4 bytes understanding that 4 bytes is a place that supports the amount of studs you have. Its a standard 4 byte integral value editable by any hex editor.LSW.BIN may be the file that keeps track of everything inside game like levels that youve completed characters youve bought and many types of that. If you know where to check you can allow all of that stuff too. (Ive got most of it mapped out but it could take a long time to spell out here.) Also with this file though is the 2nd location storing the amount of studs you've (why they decided it needed to get stored twice I dont know). Starting at byte 0x204 (with zero as the initial byte) is an additional 4-byte integer that stores your studs. (For you non-hexadecimal speakers thats bytes number 516 through 519.)Now we come on the tricky part. The last four bytes of LSW.BIN (starting at 0x210 or decimal 528) are a checksum. You must set this to some correct value or the game will let you know how the file is corrupted. Since youve only changed one value inside the file you do not have to worry about what sort of checksum actually works. All you may need to perform is raise the checksum by the same amount that you just increased the studs by. For example should you've got had 100 studs and changed it to 1000 you'll have to add 900 towards the checksum.To summarize1. In CODE.BIN simply set some bytes on the number of studs you desire (encoded like a four-byte integer of course).2. In LSW.BIN set bytes 0x204-0x207 to the same value that you set in CODE.BIN.3. In LSW.BIN find the value with the last four bytes like a 4-byte integer. Add to that value the value in which you increased your stud count. Set this new value inside last four bytes.Ive successfully used this process to present myself 1400000000 (yes thats 1.4 billion) studs. I havent tested to view in the big event the value stored there's signed or unsigned but a billion studs is a many more than youll ever need.

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