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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ruined hack pack

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Ruined hack download

Explore the destruction and fight for survival inside futuristic browser game Ruined.

There are six character classes to select from in the free-to-play post-apocalyptic 3D browser game Ruined. Each of these characters continues to be uniquely tainted with the city’s demise, and contains both strengths and weaknesses. These classes are the Assassin, the Samurai, the Mad Medic, the Crawler, the Enforcer, along with the Mutant. The Assassin uses the power of seduction to lure her enemies before slaying them. The Samurai is an enigmatic master of the sword, slicing his enemies in the blink of the eye. The Mad Medic relies only on his very own thirst for blood in battles, whereas the aggressive Crawler uses sheer force to slam his opponents. The Enforcer performs rigid punishment and the heavy-handed Mutant can knock out his enemies with one hit.

The multiplayer 3D shooter game Ruined combines aspects of role-playing, strategy and pure action. Manipulate the strengths of the character to overcome your opponents inside a selection of challenging battles. From large-scale arena battles to the more intense PvP battles, the browser game Ruined offers endless fighting action. In addition about bat roosting battles, you are capable of explore the wastelands of San Francisco Bay Area in search of resources, equipment, weaponry plus more to be able to maintain your survival within the blackened city.


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