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Monday, July 15, 2013

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Maestia can be a busy 3D Fantasy MMORPG published by Gravity Interactive and aims to shake the free to try out market like a whole. With first-rate graphics a clean interface as well as over 80 skills per character class Maestia is certainly promises a lot. One from the game s most defining characteristics is its Maestone system where players can embed their rare stones discovered by defeating enemies to their item slots to get usage of new plus more powerful skills. With numerous Maestones on the market the sheer amount of character customization in Maestia is fairly impressive as together with 80 skills per character class players have use of over 70 additional skills which require specific Maestones . Another interesting feature in Maestia could be the game s dungeons players can control the difficulty from the dungeons they enter by setting these to either easy or hard mode. The harder the difficulty the greater loot type of like Dungeons amp Dragons Online. The four playable classes in Maestia are Mage Mages are powerful offensive spellcasters with usage of devastating area of effect spells. They are by far essentially the most deadly class from the distance but they are extremely vulnerable in melee combat because they contain the least hit points and armor out from the four classes.Priest Priests really are a supportive class in Maestia and make excellent additions to any party / raid. As the name suggests they have extremely helpful healing / ressurection spells as well as a sizable variety of other supportive magics. They are most effective in a group but they aren t completely helpless alone either since they do have some offensive magic.Warrior - Warriors are tough melee characters that will both absorb large amounts of damage as well as dish it out. They have certainly one of the most hit points and armor within the game and are proficient wonderful types of heavy melee weapons and armor. Standing toe-to-toe against them is not just a wise decision.Ranger - Rangers are masters at dealing large levels of damage inside a short amount of time. They are proficient with both daggers and bows They are are an extremely versatile class while they either can sneak up to their enemies and slay them using daggers or fire their way coming from a distance using bow. Rangers don t have as many hit points or armor as being a warrior nevertheless they are a lot more capable than Mages in melee combat.


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