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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Angels Online is often a unique 2D Fantasy MMORPG by IGG. The game is set within the mythical world of Eden where both angels and humans roam the world. The game s most notable features are its original graphical style and also the large variety of playable classes. Start your adventure in Angels Online in Angel Lyceum a university that trains angels and work on your path up to as an angel protector Like Magic World Online Godswar Online and Using Your Destiny Angels Online has a integrated game bot called Angel Baby which could be set to level up automatically while away in the computer. The game s fourteen playable courses are Combat ClassesProtector - Protectors have the highest physical defense and hitpoints inside the game. They would be the strongest tanks in Angels Online.
Warrior - Warriors hold the highest melee damage of all the combat-oriented classes. They may use dual axes or hammers and possess fairly high hitpoints.
Spearman - Spearman can deal probably the most injury to heavily armored enemies as his or her weapons can ignore some armor. Spearman tight on hitpoints than warriors and protectors however they convey more MP.
Swordsman - Swordsmen contain the highest speed and agility of the melee-oriented classes. They can deal incredible amounts of damage in a relatively short period of energy but they have low defense and less hit points than one other melee classes.
Archer - Archers are the only class that will deal physical damage from the distance. They are incredibly able to dealing large amounts of damage coming from a distance but they are extremely vulnerable in melee range.
Magic Classes
Summoner - Summoners wield powerful curse and summoning spells. They can summon powerful undead minions and cast dark spells.
Wizard - Wizards would be the primary offensive spellcasting class in Angels Online. They can cast destructive direct damage spells nevertheless they consume a large amount of MP so keep some MP potions on hand.
Magician - Magicians are a balanced spell casting class. They have strong nature spells plus a mix of recovery and buff related spells as well. Like all in the other magic oriented classes Magicians have low hitpoints and so are vulnerable in melee range.
Priest - Priests will be the primary healing and buffing class in Angels Online. They can be extremely valuable to their party but you are weak by themselves.Crafting Classes
Weaponsmith - Weaponsmiths are good at forging powerful metal weapons digging ore and controlling robots. They are melee-oriented classes that will wear leather armor.
Armorsmith - Armorsmiths because the name implies are able to forging armor and controlling robots. Like the weaponsmith they are able to wear leather armor.
Tailor - Tailors are great at weaving magician robes and leather armor. They will also be effective at fishing as well as controlling robots. Like the other crafting classes Tailors can wear leather armor.
Technician - Technicians can develop robot accessories and ornaments. They are good at collecting and controlling robots.
Chef - Chefs are proficient at cooking healthy food that enhances abilities. They are adept at collecting fishing and controlling robots.


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