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Monday, July 8, 2013

Cheats Of I Am Alive hack no survey

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Cheats Of i Am Alive hack

This i Am Alive walkthrough will guide you over the starting to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips with this survival game on the Xbox 360 Console and later on on PS3.In this post-apocalyptic adventure survive the suffocating murky streets covered in dust and check for your lost wife and daughter amidst the crumbling ruins of an once-thriving metropolis stuffed with distrustful survivors dangerous armed gangs and victims in need.Please observe that viewers has to be a minimum of 18 to view so no harm comes to people that have innocent eyes. This game includes Blood Intense Violence Sexual Themes Strong Language.Table of Contents Episode 1 Prologue Episode 2 Home Sweet Home Episode 3 Dust Bowl Dance Episode 4 Above the Clouds Episode 5 Surrender Episode 6 Skyscraper Episode 7 Earthquake Episode 8 Medicine Episode 9 Subway Crazies Episode 10 Train Wreck Episode 11 Henrys Place Episode 12 Crossbow Episode 13 Transmitter Episode 14 Lonely Hero Episode 15 Meis Mother Episode 16 The Rescue Episode 17 Fireworks Episode 18 Boat Signal Episode 19 High Rise Episode 20 Amusement Park Episode 21 EndingIndex of I Will Be Alive Guides This Page We Are Alive Walkthrough Next Page I'm Alive Achievements GuideI Am Alive WalkthroughOne year from a worldwide cataclysmic event has wiped out nearly all of human civilization a male struggles for survival. Faced by having an insecure decaying and hazardous world he scours a desolated city seeking his long lost wife and daughter. Survive the suffocating murky streets covered in dust. Climb the teetering remains from the last standing skyscrapers to succeed in breathable air and locate untouched resources. Explore the crumbling ruins of an once-thriving metropolis. And find a changed human condition punctuated by distrustful survivors dangerous armed gangs and victims in need.This I Will Be Alive walkthrough is took part in normal mode. In normal mode you may have more resources and ammo. Every time the game helps save will likely be sure to use a minimum of 3 Retries. In this mode certain achievements and score bonuses won't unlock.Episode 1 PrologueFind a way to your old apartment.Note Some characters are simply just protecting their territory. Some others are more aggressive and definately will search for trouble. Think twice before equipping your weapon.Tip Surprising enemies is a good technique for surviving. When an enemy is intimidated near a hole or even a fire you can push him in by pressing the X button when youre near to him. For example when youre facing several enemies dont equip your gun instead allow them to approach and attack by surprising them using the X button and you could have a Surprise Kill prompt that way. When you're facing several enemies make time and energy to locate those with guns. They would be the most dangerous.Episode 2 Home Sweet Home MeiSearch the apartment. Your wifes letter is around the wooden stand next for the TV set.After that you have to aid out a cute young daughter under attack from 3 mean men with guns.Hint Helping victims with resources is rewarded by one more Retry.Episode 3 Dust Bowl DanceTake Mei to the mall ahead of the dust storm hits the city. Then take Mei towards the safe area. And go for the lookout point about the 6th floor.Tip Always have a watch on your stamina capacity bar within the top-left of the screen. If it really is low open inventory with the LB left shoulder button and use resources.Episode 4 Above the CloudsIts a loooong climb to the rooftop. Once there your objective is to get medicine through the crate.Tip When in heavy dust your stamina will still burn until death. If you remain within the fog too long both your stamina along with your health will deplete. So climb above the fog to find a resting point and regain stamina.Episode 5 SurrenderTip When approaching you most characters won't attack in case you dont run or dont equip your weapon.

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