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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free Download Red Stone mods pack 2013

Free Download Red Stone mods pack 2013

Red Stone can be a unique 2D Fantasy MMORPG by L amp K Logic. It s only unique because of their graphics as Red Stone looks a whole lot just like the classic RPG Diablo but slightly worse. The game s most notable features are its large choice of playable classes and skills. Each with the game s eight playable characters are composed of two different classes which players can switch backwards and forwards from at will. This feature alone adds an incredible level of variation for the game which is really a welcome change within an industry that largely isn t noted for creativity. Unfortunately the Red Stone s dull gameplay and obvious glitches really hurt the game s prospects. The game s playable is Squire / Warrior The Squire/Warrior may be the primary melee fighting class in Red Stone. They are effective at dealing a reasonable level of damage in melee range and in addition have powerful defensive capabilities.Magic Archer / Magic Lancer This character has both powerful ranged and melee attacks. Their hp however is lower than that with the Squire/Warrior class.Tamer / Summoner This class relies on the pet to assist them during combat. The character s stats effect both themselves along with their pets.Thief / Monk -This class is proficient at dealing a substantial quantity of damage quickly within melee range however they tend to get lower hit points than one other melee classes in Red Stone.Priest / Fallen Angel - The Priest/Fallen Angel may be the primary supportive spell casting character in Red Stone. They are incredibly useful when you are groups but they are vulnerable when they re alone.Magician / Werewolf - This class uses powerful magic attacks being a Magician and intense melee attacks like a werewolf. An interesting mix of classes.Princess / Little Witch -The Princess/Little Witch has both ranged attacks as an archer and powerful offensive spells such as the Magician.Necromancer/ Demon This class relies upon dark magic to defeat their enemies. They have powerful debuffs. They tend to have low hit points and so are vulnerable in melee combat.

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Free Download Red Stone mods pack 2013

Free Download Red Stone hack pack 2013
Free Download Red Stone mods pack 2013
Free Download Red Stone mods pack 2013
Free Download Red Stone hack tool 2013


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