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Friday, January 25, 2013

Free Download Conquer Online hack tool 2013

Free Download Conquer Online hack tool 2013

Conquer Online set in the realm of ancient China is often a free-to-play 2.5D MMORPG. Within the attractive and opulent realm of oriental fantasy you may take control of a strong and gallant hero slaying frightful monsters completing dangerous quests using your friends and having probably the most fun of your life The game made its debut last 2003 along with fun gameplay multiple PvP events and unique classes and skills the overall game has attracted over 10 million registered users around the world.Conquer Online is certainly TQ Digital s most popular game as the game has above 60 servers plus some with the servers are really full that players can t even log into them at times. The game originally debuted in China in 2003 and currently has more than 10 million registered players world-wide. Visually speaking Conquer Online looks a whole lot like TQ Digital s other games (Zero Online Eudemons Online The Warlords and Crazy Tao). Even though the graphics aren t top notch practically any PC can run the game smoothly. In regards to class variety Conquer Online includes a many more to provide than other games from the same publisher as other games from TQ Digital usually have two or three playable classes Conquer Online has six and they also are Ninja- Ninjas would be the fastest and hardest hitting class in Conquer Online. They can deal massive amounts of damage in the short amount of time but they possess the least hit points and defense of the class.
Archer/Assassin - Archers are swift characters that can attack enemies from your distance using their bows. They have powerful attacks but are vulnerable in melee range. Their skills allow the crooks to hit multiple targets as well which can make them very capable at dealing damage. Assassins have a very unique combat style and transformation ability. When throwing knives are equipped Archers can be Assassins and after that they can launch a fast and deadly attack over a target from a distance killing them before they even understand what happened.
Pirate- Pirates are coming on their ships rapiers and pistols are their weapons. Enemies will drop more items if killed by them and vise versa. However they are going to receive half PK points only.
Trojan- Trojans are out melee damage dealers. They can deal massive amounts of damage using dual weapons but they have low defense in comparison to warriors.
Warrior - Warriors are similar to Trojan s but you are more balanced when it comes down to attack power and defense. They are extremely able to both dealing and absorbing damage.
Taoist- Taoists will be the primary spell casters in Conquer Online. They can be built being either supportive Water Taoists or offensive Fire Taoists . They have low hit points and melee combat but a lot more than make up for your using powerful magic.
Monk - Monks really are a mix between warriors and Taoists as they can hold their particular in front line battles too as support their party members with some spiritual magic (Buffs/ Supportive magic)Features A Beautiful Game World Conquer Online features a visual style that resembles the traditional Chinese hand-painted artwork.Fun Gameplay Busy Leveling and Combat Conquer Online is simple to learn and packed with wonderful content to explore. The game s combat is hectic and fluid skills and spells look impressive and players can jump instead of walking.Large amp Friendly Player Community Players can form a guild clan and even a family group within the game. There will also be many social actions available as well as being a thriving forum community.In-depth Customization Options The game has an abundant range of beautiful garments hairstyles mount armor and in several cases weapon accessories.Multiple PVP Events The game offers various sorts of PvP tournaments and events just like the Guild War Class PK tournament Team PK tournament Faction Wars and more.Unique Rebirth System Once your reach your limits within your first life you've got the risk to get reborn supplying you with new powers and abilities.The Oriental Assassin Trailer amp Unique SkillsUnlike western assassins who must come near to their target to end their target the eastern assassin from Conquer Online is extremely unique of their capability to kill in a distance. They attack by throwing deadly daggers from afar killing their enemies before they understand what happened. The Oriental Assassins would be the empire s best kept secret and are already disguising themselves as simple archers one of many common folk for years hunting around the empire s rebellions like Ninjas Monks Trojans .The Oriental Assassin is engineered addition for gamers who have a special love for your long-range classes. They are perfect at assassinating a single target but in addition have several powerful AoE skills. The Oriental Assassin also carries on CO s easy-to-learn design concept. Even players who will be new towards the Conquer world can learn the way to kill quickly. However the Oriental Assassin has 6 brand new skills that will require gamers to place some thought into their PvP strategies.Let s find what ancient skills an excellent Oriental Assassin has at their command Path of Shadow (Transformation Skill)With CO s alternate equipment feature an Archer can equip two groups of weapons (bow and throwing knife) at the same time. When switching to the throwing knife an Archer can modify into the deadly Oriental Assassin gaining new skills and becoming much stronger in PvP battles.Blade Flurry (XP Skill)The most attractive skill that boosts an assassin s speed and provides them the opportunity to throw spinning daggers in all directions causing damage to all targets around them.Spirit FocusAfter channeling their energy for 5 seconds an Oriental Assassin s Attack Power will likely be enhanced allowing attacks to threaten the strongest enemies If the truth is a seemingly sleeping assassin in CO don t chuckle to yourself You might just be another victim Mortal WoundWith their speed and agility the assassin quickly throws several knives on the vital areas of an target inflicting serious damage. Following Spirit Focus this skill can help you kill an enemy in the flash making the Oriental Assassin a terrifying foe.Kinetic SparkThis skill will help an Assassin attack groups of multiple enemies that attempt to surround them. Using their inner power to charge their knives the thrown blades have a very chance to shatter when hitting an enemy causing damage to people foolish enough to stand around it.Blistering WaveThe major AoE skill from the assassin and a very beneficial skill for frontal assaults magically heated knives are thrown in an arc scorching all targets standing in their path.Oriental Assassin Trailer

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STEP 3 - If the thing is an error then make sure you've .Net Framework 4 installed you system.
STEP 4 - Hack the game and enjoy

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Free Download Conquer Online hack tool 2013

Free Download Conquer Online hacking tool 2013
Free Download Conquer Online hacking tool 2013
Free Download Conquer Online hacking tool 2013
Free Download Conquer Online mods pack 2013


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