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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Free Download Lunia hack tool 2013

Free Download Lunia hack tool 2013

Lunia Record of Lunia War is a unique 2D fantasy MMORPG. The game plays a lot more just like a traditional action arcade game than an MMORPG since the game is broken into stages as opposed to one large persistent world. Lunia has remarkable anime inspired graphics and some of the most engaging music out there. Since its launch numerous other free to play games have copied its stage based gameplay. The game s playable classes are Starting Characters
Sieg (Knight) - Sieg is the generic melee character in Lunia. He has long combo attacks high hit points and powerful melee attacks. He has however, some with the lowest MP within the game and lacks long ranged attacks.
Eir (Healer) - Eir is the priest archetype in Lunia. She has superior healing and supportive skills but has weak melee damage.
Dainn (Wizard) Dainn could be the generic wizard class in Lunia. He has superior offensive capabilities from your distance and will chain long combos. His weakness is that they is very susceptible to melee attacks as he has low defense thus hitting points.
Tia (Thief) - Tia is really a able to dealing enormous amounts of damage extremely quickly but lacks the defensive capabilities from the Knight. She can land critical attacks and has faster melee speed than the other characters.
Arien (Archer) - Arien will be the newest character being added towards the game. She is capable of dealing large amounts of damage from the distance using her ranged attacks. She is proficient wonderful bow type weapons.
Krieg El Hati (Paladin) - Like Arien Krieg is a brand new character class. He is a hybrid from the warrior as well as a healer and contains powerful melee attacks also as supportive holy spells.Unlockable Characters
Lime (Combat Slime)- Lime is able to dealing incredible levels of damage for the battlefield. He has superior speed and damage capabilities but has extremely poor combo capabilities.
Dacy (Ice Puppeteer) - Dacy plays a great deal like Dainn the wizard but which has a slight twist. Instead of casting offensive spells she could summon dolls to aid her in combat. She has low melee damage and incredibly low hitpoints.
Yuki (Ice Magician)- Yuki is an additional spell caster like Dainn and Dacy. She is able to dealing large numbers of damage from the distance with powerful area of effect and homing skills. She has long chainable combos but has low hit points plus a weak melee attack.

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STEP 3 - If you see an error then make sure you've .Net Framework 4 installed for you system.
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Free Download Lunia hack tool 2013

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Free Download Lunia mods pack 2013
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Free Download Lunia hack pack 2013


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