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Monday, January 28, 2013

Free Download Dekaron mods pack 2013

Free Download Dekaron mods pack 2013

Dekaron is really a busy action MMORPG by GameHi. It used to be published as 2Moons through Acclaim Games. The game labels itself as a possible arcade style action MMORPG which can be a fairly accurate description since the game s combat is smoothly animated and polished. The game has a strong emphasis on PvP because game has open PvP in some zones along with a dueling system everywhere else. The game s varied skill tree system has an unbelievable variety of skills to find out so the overall game is sure to get varied. The game hasAzure Knight The Azure Knight is the traditional melee archetype which has a primarily melee focus and self buffs.Segnale (Female) The Segnale can serve as primarily a support class with healing and buff capabilities and lots of strong debuffs.Incar Magician (Female) Incar Magicians are the traditional wizard archetype with the capability to cast powerful offensive spells. They re able to using both wands and staves.Segita Hunter (Female) The Segita Hunter is essentially an archer class that will deal great damage from a distance but you are more susceptible in close range combat. They can use Bows or Crossbows for ranged attacks and daggers for melee oriented combat.Vicious Summoner Vicious Summoners really are a mix of the rogue and druid archetypes as they are effective at summoning powerful pets to assist them in battle but also have the ability to utilize twin blades in melee combat.Bagi Warrior Bagi Warriors would be the main warrior archetype because they would be the most capable at absorbing damage and tanking monsters. They are simmilar on the Azure Knight but tend to have more hitpoints in the cost of attack power.

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Free Download Dekaron mods pack 2013

Free Download Dekaron hack tool 2013
Free Download Dekaron mods pack 2013
Free Download Dekaron hacking tool 2013
Free Download Dekaron hack pack 2013


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