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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Free Download Troy Online hack pack 2013

Free Download Troy Online hack pack 2013

The classes are the identical for both factions in Troy Online as well as the factions can be split relating to the Greeks and the Trojans. Class progression is situated around three core classes (Warrior Hunter Mystic) which split by 50 percent advanced class directions. They are as follows Berserker The damage-dealing evolution in the warrior berserkers sacrifice the ability to work with a shield and wear heavier armor for massive weapons and killing power. They are noted to have an incredibly slow attack speed.Guardian Another branch of the warrior Guardians focus on using heavy armor and shields but can also wield one and two-handed spears for variety. They are very best in groups and can be taken benefit of by enemies with ranged attacks.Assassin An evolution in the hunter assassins focus on close-range combat and debuffs. While these are effective at high amounts of burst damage they wither in sustained fights they need to enter and out as quickly as possible. Assassins unlike most rogue classes are able to use two-handed swords.Ranger The second evolution with the hunter rangers focus on long-range damage. They work finest in groups where other players will keep enemies from closing in around the ranger because they are best when far far from the enemy.Warlock One with the mystic paths the warlock specializes in damge-over-time spells (DoTs). They make patient way of combat taking a little while to kill enemies but possess a large amount of self-buffs they are able to use to improve their effectiveness.Mage The second evolution in the mystic class mages will be the long-range nukers of the game. Their choice of area-of-effect (AoE) spells and high damage abilities get them to probably the most destructive force inside game. This comes on the worth of extreme vulnerability to attacks.

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Free Download Troy Online hack pack 2013

Free Download Troy Online hacking tool 2013
Free Download Troy Online hack tool 2013
Free Download Troy Online hack tool 2013
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