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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Free Download Dragona mods pack 2013

Free Download Dragona mods pack 2013

Dragona is a free-to-play fantasy based MMORPG that is certainly set with a planet referred to as Magic Earth. In this world monsters and dragons are not only real but took over. Players step in the role of your brave recruit on a mission to stop the evil plaguing the land. Similar for the popular Aion when referring to graphics and style players complete various quests slay local beasts and battle enormous dragons in honor of the nation. Learn skills craft enchanted items and help your character in a better opponent using the soul essence of ancient dragons. Much like Lineage 2 and SilkRoad Online players can take part in PK or PvP battles. There are four races on Magic Earth composed of Humans Kalis Eldin and Catcha. Choose between eight different gender set classes and get ready for war.Classes amp Races Gunner (Human Male) The human race utilizes advance Dwarven technology. They are built with heavy armor and powerful guns known since the ethereal blasters. Gunners deal large levels of damage for their enemies having an range of short range ethereal blasters.Sniper (Human Female) Snipers are not simply sexy but armed having a long range ethereal blaster allowing them to take out opponents at a distance. They really are a force to be reckoned with about the battlefield.Guardian (Kalis Male) Guardians are masters of the sword. They use the long sword for close combat encounters and refuse to adopt prisoners. Foes meet their maker on the hands of those honored warriors.Assassin (Kalis Female) Assassins hide within the shadows waiting for the possibility to strike. As part from the Kalis race they possess the capability to shoot venomous blood or provoke panic by making a dense fog.Ranger (Eldin Male) Equipped with arrows these types is able to attack multiple targets or produce a precise shot while dealing high amounts of damage. Spells might be casted on their own arrows to paralyze enemies.Magician (Eldin Female) Knowledgeable in Draconic magic magicians can perform an choice of deadly spells. Illuminate the battlefield having a mana shield or summon meteor showers to rain down on enemies.Shaman (Catcha Male) Shamans tap in the power of nature. This class are able to use their bare knuckles to keep off sieges. They are an invaluable part of any party.Scout (Catcha Female) Blessed with all the breath of fire scouts can certainly ignite their opponents having a single exhale. When transformed they've got incredible strength that enables these phones rip apart an enemies armor.

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STEP 2 - Save this Dragona Hack Tool 2013 on the desktop and open it.
STEP 3 - If the thing is an error then ensure you've got .Net Framework 4 installed giving you system.
STEP 4 - Hack the game and enjoy

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Free Download Dragona mods pack 2013

Free Download Dragona hacking tool 2013
Free Download Dragona hack pack 2013
Free Download Dragona hack tool 2013
Free Download Dragona hacking tool 2013


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