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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Free Download Lucent Heart hack pack 2013

Free Download Lucent Heart hack pack 2013

Lucent Heart is really a social MMO that combines traditional fantasy RPG elements with the extensive soul mate system. Players take around the role of the human knight blessed by theGods to save lots of a global tainted with evil. The corrupted Goddess Hecate casted a spell unleashing devastating storms spawning new heinous creatures to wreak havoc on local villagers. Complete difficult quests fight off hordes of monsters raid dungeons dance and fall in love. The game features anime styled graphics like Hero 108 Online and anastrology based theme similar to Zodiac Online. Every character includes a particular sunsign that affects their skills boosts and characteristics. Players can pick various blood types that provide heroes little quirks for example being vulnerable to stinginess. The progressive class system lets heroes start off like a warrior or mage and level up into one from the four primary classes. Each core class has two advanced classes to pick from along with six crafting professions.Blood Types A B AB amp OClasses
Warrior (starter) Relies on strength duty and honor. Warriors are always ready for any romp. This basic class advances into knights or gunners.Mage (starter) Bestowed with all the gift of magic mages use a variety of effective spells to remove foes. This class progresses into wizards or priests.Knight (primary) Masters in the sword these types is capable to equip two handed swords and battle enemies with ease. Heavy armor and shields are their utmost friends. Knights can advance into Solar Guardians or Celestial Templars.Solar Guardian (advanced) Fierce defensive knights with powerful weapons and skills.Celestial Templar (advanced) Celestial Templars are heavy infantry knights. They possess extensive training and so are a force to be reckoned with during close range combat.Gunner (primary) Expert marksmen that yielding high amounts of damage. One accurate shot could be deadly. This class branches into Nova Sentinel or Comet Marksman.Nova Sentinel (advanced) These gunners are ability boosting tacticians.Comet Marksman (advanced) Noted for utilizing fire. This class is recognized as the burst damage dealers.Wizard (primary) Gains power over the elements. Wizards concoct fatal spells using Earth Fire Water and Air. This class morphs right into a Galaxy Sage or Moon Flame Envoy.Galaxy Sage (advanced) An excellent addition to the party. Galaxy Sages offer versatile mystic support when it s needed the most.Moon Flame Envoy (advanced) A devastating magic caster.Priest (primary) Priests have usage of an arsenal of healing and restorative spells. This class transforms into a Sun Commissioner or Dawn Prophet.Sun Commissioner (advanced) A radiant sacred healer while using spells to match.Dawn Prophet (advanced) Strengthening enchanters that possess the ability to raise the attack of fellow comrades.

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STEP 4 - Hack the sport and enjoy

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Free Download Lucent Heart hack pack 2013

Free Download Lucent Heart hacking tool 2013
Free Download Lucent Heart hack tool 2013
Free Download Lucent Heart hack tool 2013
Free Download Lucent Heart mods pack 2013


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